Management for Amazon Sellers

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Business Monitoring & Analytics

Our easy to use display shows simple graphics about how your business is doing. You can get further detailed information at the touch of the screen based on trends our smart analytics system notices.


Simplify Book Keeping

Know exactly how much you’ve made this month with ease! Our app will do all the math and show you both gross and net profits! No more questioning if you missed anything!


Business Security and Privacy

We treat your needs for data and privacy in the same way we hope we would want ours to be treated! We want to keep you and your business safe and happy.

Smart Analytics

Our smart analytics and custom graphs will ensure that you will know what’s going on. Use our navigation and advise to see where you can improve and grow!

Expert Support

Our PeekSells expert support team is here to make sure that you are always ready for what gets thrown your way. Contact us through chat, email, or phone at any time you need help or assistance!

Better Than the Competition

Track real-time sales, net profits, and more 24/7 to get a better understanding of your business’s processes and where you can grow to outperform the competition!


With our app, you’ll know right when something happens. If you don’t want notifications at all hours, we give the options to choose how often you receive updates from once real-time to once a day!

What Do Our Users Think?

  • I travel a lot and this app is a no brainer when you're on the go David B. - Entrepreneur

  • I choose PeekSells because it takes all of the data that Amazon gives you and makes it user-friendly Johnathan G. - E-commerce God

  • PeekSells is like anything i tried before. All of the information i need 24/7 to run my business successfully Kristen L. - Manager